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Have detailed, timely and valuable info from your team? Voze is an easy way for workers to capture critical details from their interactions in less than a minute.

Voze - Get timely, valuable info from your sales reps in the field

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Telenotes by Voze is a modern, AI-driven sales platform accessible to field sales teams that sales reps are actually using in the field.

How Voze Works-2

How Voze works

Step 1

Quickly log important information about a sales lead or client using either your voice, typed notes or even handwritten notes.

Step 2

Voze cleans and structures the data, generates tasks and follow-up reminders for the rep.

Step 3

Automatically generates daily insights for managers and other departments, keeping everyone in the loop on revenue opportunities.

Get valuable, timely info

Voze enables simple note collection through voice, paper, typed text or mobile uploads. We act as a personal assistant so reps can save time for more sales conversations.

Voze Capture Field Rep Sales Notes
Manager Visibility

Gain insights to grow revenue

Managers get the right details they need to improve their strategy, better coach reps, and win more deals. The average Voze note is over 80 words of valuable information.

Customer success experts that make a difference

Every account gets dedicated support and an annual customer success plan to help you maximize the value of Voze.

Voze Customer Support
Voze Kevin
"Voze gives us feedback from the field so managers across departments could understand what's happening on the ground. That aids our business decisions and planning."
Kevin Coleman
COO, McCandless Truck Center
Voze Jesse
"Voze gives reps everything they need at their fingertips to stay on target and execute."
Jesse Richards
VP Sales, CMC Tire
Voze Alan
"Voze is like having a secretary sitting next to you taking notes. It helps me stay on top of customer calls, and my managers can read my notes to help me improve."
Alan Bumgartner
Outside Sales Manager

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Voze is an easy way for reps to capture all the information that matters in less than a minute. Managers get the right details they need to improve their strategy, better coach reps, and win more deals.

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