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Voze helps manufacturer representative agencies, distributors and sales reps collect all the information needed to close deals.



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Intuitive note capture

Voze enables simple note collection through voice, paper, typed text or mobile uploads. We act as a personal assistant so reps can save time for more sales conversations.

Data-driven insights

We process over 25,000 notes every week to give managers the visibility they need - through analytics, smart notifications and actionable recommendations. Key info is tailored to help leaders understand field trends and rep performance.

Cross-organization alignment

Voze enables managers to communicate strategies, gain buy-in, share customer insights and coach best practices effortlessly with field reps and broader teams. Everyone at the organization benefits from quick answers through shared notes and files.

Built around your stack

Voze gives you a 360 view of your business, or can easily integrate with your other systems. We integrate with over 6,000 other platforms and tools including CRMs, DMSs, ERPs, email syncing and calendars.

Voze processes 20,000+ notes per week from teams at:

Multi Line Sales CRM Sales Management Software

Simplify data capture across multiple product lines

Whether you're a manufacturer selling multiple product lines, a sales rep representing multiple manufacturers, or a distributor carrying various brands, keeping track of customer interactions and sales data can be a daunting task. Voze offers a CRM solution designed specifically for multi-line sales teams.

Our CRM software for manufacturers reps and distributors makes note-taking effortless and efficient. Sales reps can quickly capture critical information using their preferred method - voice memos, handwritten notes, or mobile uploads. Manufacturers and distributors can easily access and analyze this data to gain insights across their product lines. With Voze, your multi-line sales team can focus on building relationships, understanding customer needs, and driving sales growth.

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Gain actionable insights across multiple product lines and brands

As a manager overseeing multi-line sales, whether at a manufacturer, distributor, or rep firm, you need timely, relevant data to make informed decisions and guide your team to success. Voze, the best CRM for manufacturing sales, processes the detailed notes captured by your sales reps and transforms them into clear, actionable insights you can use to optimize your sales strategy.

Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, ensuring that all the valuable information your reps collect flows directly into your records in real-time. With Voze, you have a comprehensive, up-to-date view of your multi-line sales pipeline, empowering you to identify trends, spot coaching opportunities, and drive results across all the product lines and brands you manage.

Get everyone aligned to grow sales

In the complex world of multi-line sales, effective communication and collaboration are essential for success. Voze is designed to facilitate seamless collaboration across the multi-line sales ecosystem. Our CRM software empowers managers at manufacturers and distributors to communicate key initiatives, gain buy-in on important decisions, provide coaching and guidance, and share best practices across the organization.

Sales reps, in turn, benefit from having quick access to the information they need to succeed. With Voze, they can easily share notes and files with their managers and peers, get fast answers to product or pricing questions, collaborate on opportunities, and stay aligned with manufacturer and distributor priorities.

By breaking down silos and fostering open communication, Voze helps multi-line sales teams work together more effectively. Manufacturers can ensure that their sales reps and distributors are aligned with their goals and strategies, distributors can provide better support to their sales teams and make data-driven decisions, and sales reps can tap into the collective knowledge and expertise of their colleagues to close more deals. With Voze, your multi-line sales ecosystem can achieve new levels of collaboration, efficiency, and growth.

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