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Voze helps heavy equipment dealerships collect all the information needed to close deals



Intuitive note capture

Voze enables simple note collection through voice, paper, typed text or mobile uploads. We act as a personal assistant so reps can save time for more sales conversations.

Data-driven insights

We process over 25,000 notes every week to give managers the visibility they need - through analytics, smart notifications and actionable recommendations. Key info is tailored to help leaders understand field trends and rep performance.

Cross-organization alignment

Voze enables managers to communicate strategies, gain buy-in, share customer insights and coach best practices effortlessly with field reps and broader teams. Everyone at the organization benefits from quick answers through shared notes and files.

Built around your stack

Voze gives you a 360 view of your business, or can easily integrate with your other systems. We integrate with over 6,000 other platforms and tools including CRMs, DMSs, ERPs, email syncing and calendars.

Voze processes 20,000+ notes per week from teams at:

Heavy Equipment Sales

Capture valuable insights from every customer interaction

Are your sales reps constantly logging vague "left message/follow up" notes that provide little to no value? It's a common frustration for sales managers in the heavy equipment industry. Reps are required to input data, but they often see it as a waste of time that takes them away from selling.

Voze solves this problem by making note-taking effortless and valuable. Our heavy equipment dealer management software allows reps to capture rich information from customer interactions using their preferred method - voice memos, handwritten notes, or mobile uploads. No more time wasted on tedious data entry or navigating complex CRM systems. With Voze, your reps can focus on what they do best: building relationships and closing deals.

Capture valuable insights in best equipment dealer software
Real time visibility construction equipment management software

Gain real-time visibility into your sales operation

As a sales manager, you need timely, actionable information to effectively forecast, strategize, and lead your team. Voze processes the rich data captured by your reps and transforms it into digestible insights you can actually use.

Our heavy equipment dealership platform seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, whether that's a CRM, ERP, or dealer management system. This means all the valuable information your reps collect flows directly into your records in real-time. No more waiting for weekly reports or sifting through incomplete data. With Voze, you have a clear, up-to-date picture of your sales operation, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive results.

Align your team and boost sales with Voze

In the heavy equipment industry, sales managers and reps share the same goal: increase revenue. However, the tools they use often create conflict and hinder progress. Most CRMs are designed for management, not the reps in the field. This leads to frustration, low adoption, and missed opportunities.

Voze is different. Our software for heavy equipment distributors is built specifically for sales reps, with features designed to make their lives easier and their customer interactions more valuable. By providing reps with a tool they actually want to use, Voze helps align your entire sales organization.

When your reps are capturing high-quality information and your managers have real-time visibility, magic happens. You can spot opportunities, coach more effectively, and make strategic decisions that drive sales growth. That's the power of Voze - turning data into dollars.

Align your team with construction equipment software
Tyler Zanardelli
"It's like an assistant available to me 24/7."
Tyler Zanardelli
Territory Sales Manager, Bobcat of Champaign

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