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Intuitive note capture

Voze enables simple note collection through voice, paper, typed text or mobile uploads. We act as a personal assistant so reps can save time for more sales conversations.

Data-driven insights

We process over 25,000 notes every week to give managers the visibility they need - through analytics, smart notifications and actionable recommendations. Key info is tailored to help leaders understand field trends and rep performance.

Cross-organization alignment

Voze enables managers to communicate strategies, gain buy-in, share customer insights and coach best practices effortlessly with field reps and broader teams. Everyone at the organization benefits from quick answers through shared notes and files.

Built around your stack

Voze gives you a 360 view of your business, or can easily integrate with your other systems. We integrate with over 6,000 other platforms and tools including CRMs, DMSs, ERPs, email syncing and calendars.

Voze processes 20,000+ notes per week from teams at:

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Capture valuable insights from every truck sales interaction

Do your commercial truck sales reps struggle with logging detailed notes after customer conversations? Are they constantly entering bare-minimum "left message/follow up" updates that provide little value for forecasting and coaching? Voze understands this frustration and offers a solution designed specifically for heavy duty truck dealerships.

Our semi-truck sales management software makes note-taking effortless and valuable. Reps can quickly capture rich information using their preferred method - voice memos, handwritten notes, or mobile uploads. No more time wasted navigating complex CRM systems or typing up lengthy reports. With Voze, your heavy and medium duty truck sales team can focus on building relationships, understanding customer needs, and closing deals.

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Gain real-time visibility into your heavy truck sales operation

As a heavy duty truck sales manager, you need timely, relevant data to make informed decisions and guide your team to success. Voze processes the detailed notes captured by your reps and transforms them into clear, actionable insights you can use to optimize your heavy-duty truck sales strategy.

Our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing heavy truck dealership systems, such as your CRM, ERP, or DMS. This means all the valuable information your reps collect flows directly into your records in real-time. No more chasing down reps for updates or relying on incomplete data. With Voze, you have a comprehensive, up-to-date view of your semi-truck sales pipeline, empowering you to identify trends, spot coaching opportunities, and drive results.

Align your team and boost heavy duty truck sales with Voze

In the competitive world of heavy and medium duty truck sales, alignment between managers and reps is crucial for success. However, most CRMs and sales tools are designed with management in mind, leading to frustration, low adoption, and missed opportunities among reps.

Voze is different. Our heavy duty semi tractor sales software is built from the ground up with sales reps in mind. We provide an intuitive, user-friendly platform that reps actually want to use, ensuring high adoption and consistent data capture. By equipping your team with tools that make their lives easier and their customer interactions more valuable, Voze helps align your entire commercial truck dealership sales organization.

When your reps are engaged and capturing high-quality information, and your managers have real-time visibility into the heavy-duty truck sales pipeline, you can create a culture of collaboration, coaching, and continuous improvement. That's the power of Voze - uniting your team and unlocking your dealership's full sales potential.

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"We use Voze to better support our sales staff, and grow our business."
Kevin Coleman
COO, McCandless Truck Center

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