Flexible Plans For Field Sales Teams

Choose the plan that fits your needs, and let VOZE help take your outside sales team to the next level!

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Elevate Your Sales Team With VOZE

Experience the power of an AI-driven sales productivity platform created especially for field sales teams.

Inside Sales

Get real-time visibility into your reps' sales activities with a VOZE license for managers.

"Within 30 days of implementing the system the number of sales calls our sales reps were making increased by over 50%… after being on the system for 90 days we saw an increase of over 30% in sales!"

Court Winegar House of Pumps Telenotes Review Court W.
President, House of Pumps Inc.


Plan includes:

  • Easy CRM integration
  • Daily activity reports
  • Sales tracking dashboard

Outside Sales

Boost your reps' productivity by giving them a way to talk, not type their customer call data.

"It gives our sales reps everything they need at their fingertips, and then it's up to them to execute, which I hold them accountable. If you want a system that works, [VOZE] is the only one worth going for."

Jesse Richards Review Jesse R.
VP Sales, CMC Tire


Plan includes:

  • Create call notes
  • Schedule follow-ups
  • Update contact info

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Telenotes by Voze is a modern, AI-driven sales platform accessible to field sales teams that sales reps are actually using in the field.