Gain Visibility Into Your Field Sales Team's Activities

Track sales activities and optimize for maximum results.



Real Time Insights

Gain valuable takeaways into your team's sales activities.

Data Automation

Automate data entry to reduce administrative work.

Progress Tracking

Track your team's progress towards sales goals and identify areas to improve.

Optimize Sales Efforts

Help them reach maximum results by knowing where they're spending their time.

Struggling to track the sales activities and progress of your field sales reps?

 Limited visibility into sales team activities leads to miscommunications, missed opportunities and inefficient use of resources.

 Time consuming manual data entry means field sales reps are taking time away from their selling activities.

 Difficulty identifying areas for improvement, without a clear understanding of where reps are succeeding and where they can improve.


How does VOZE improve sales activity tracking?

 VOZE automatically captures sales activity data, providing a real time view of what each field sales rep is doing and where they are spending their time.

 Capture notes and data by speaking, so reps can spend less time typing and more time selling.

 VOZE provides sales managers with clear insights into their team's performance, so they can make data-driven decisions to drive revenue growth.


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