Telenotes is now VOZE Legacy 1

Telenotes is now Voze Legacy!

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We're in the final stage of transitioning our brand from "Telenotes by Voze" to simply "Voze". During this period, Telenotes will be now be known as "Voze Legacy" with the same features and login details.

Our flagship product "Voze" promises substantial improvements over Telenotes, including accurate reporting, enhanced integrations, faster fixes, improved communication options, and a better user experience. The aim is to provide a simple yet modern experience that feels like a personal assistant, using AI to offer insights and improve sales outcomes.

We're dedicated to partnering with our users, ensuring a smooth transition, and fulfilling our mission to help salespeople grow. The new Voze platform is designed to boost sales outcomes, and we are fully committed to continuously improving Voze based on your valuable feedback.

Read the letter from our CEO Dan Caffee.


Increased Productivity For Field Sales Reps

 Quick voice-to-text notes

 Scan cards & notes

 Daily task reminders

More Visibility Into Sales Reps' Activities

Daily activity reports

Easily search notes

Seamless team communication

Telenotes Screens
Customer Service

Support That Makes A Difference

Dedicated, personalized assistance

Responsive customer support

Annual customer success plan

Telenotes is now VOZE Legacy 1

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