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Voze Secures $3 Million Seed Round Led by Album VC

Modern AI-Driven Sales Software Set to Further Empower Industrial Sales Teams


SALT LAKE CITY, October 11, 2023 – Voze, a pioneering leader in the field sales software category, is pleased to announce a $3 million seed round of financing to further accelerate their product velocity and build upon their success with 200+ customers. The funding was led by Album VC and included Pipeline Capital Partners.

"Our mission is to build sales tools that actually get used constantly throughout the day. With this funding, our focus is to reach a greater number of companies to help them exceed their sales goals." remarked Dan Caffee, CEO of Voze.

Voze tackles critical challenges faced by industrial sales reps:

  • Offering adaptive tools that seamlessly match a rep's established sales process.

  • Enhancing sales visibility, making every interaction transparent and accessible.

  • Increasing adoption and engagement by delivering tools field sales reps love to use.

Voze has created the go-to software assistant for sales reps prioritizing in-person client interactions.

"The uniqueness of Voze lies in its adaptability," states John Mayfield, Founder and General Partner at Album. "In a world saturated with sales software, Voze stands out by molding itself to fit the way the rep naturally works, not the other way around. Voze augments a rep's ability to anticipate their customers' needs and follow up with the right context."

Tanner McDaniel, Principal at Pipeline Capital Partners, echoes this sentiment: "In Voze, we see more than just a platform. We see a solution that enables the art of sales for industries overlooked by traditional incumbents and empowers their customers with cutting-edge technology."

With the influx of funds, Voze aims to:

  • Go deeper into existing industrial markets, and expand its reach to more industrial sectors.
  • Refine its AI capabilities, further bridging the tech gap for sales reps.
  • Forge new industry-specific integrations, streamlining the sales process even more.

About Voze:

Voze is committed to bringing a modern, AI-driven sales experience to industrial sales teams, a segment often overlooked by tech advancements. Focusing on the nuances of in-person sales and tangible product interactions, Voze redefines how sales data is collected, processed, and leveraged. With a heart set on serving those who work outside traditional office settings, Voze champions the cause of the on-ground sales rep. For more information, visit www.voze.com.

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