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Better Notes. More Visibility. How Voze Turns Sales Intel Into Dollars

We’ve all seen it - reps hastily typing “lm/FU” before weekly pipeline reviews. That stands for “Left Message, Follow Up” but it might as well spell out “&%# You” to managers trying to forecast using those vague crumbs.

How Voze turns sales intel into dollars-1

Why does this happen? Top salespeople thrive on constant conversations. Yet most hate taking notes or find their CRM a time sink rather than asset.

Voze founder and CEO Dan Caffee recently sat down with Signals co-founder Billy Bateman, in a fireside chat for their RevTech Summit.

“They don’t see any value in it... it takes time out of their day. And they get paid by the sale, so they need to be out there moving...they view it as a waste of time.”

Without value, salespeople default to the bare minimum needed to check the box on activity reporting. Cue the influx of useless lm/FU notes.

Managers are then left with a heap of ticking time bombs but zero insights to guide revenue strategy, identify coaching opportunities, or rally the team towards victories.

Voze eliminates the friction on both sides. How? By meeting sales representatives where they already are - out in the field having conversations.

We make note capture fast, flexible and frictionless through quick voice summaries or mobile screenshots. And we automatically handle the follow up logistics so reps avoid manual busywork while driving or walking between meetings.

The salesperson wins time back to actually sell. But here’s what’s in it for you as the leader:

“When you have a lot of information, and it’s timely, you can leverage that to make a lot more money and a lot more sales. So again, that’s what our goal is. Get the information, and turn it into dollars.”

Behind the scenes, Voze transcribes those voice notes and organizes relevant data - customer details, order summaries, next steps and more - so managers get an information goldmine.

Better intel means more strategic decisions to accelerate opportunities, replicate what works and stop time-wasters in their tracks. Voze delivers the visibility sales managers need into granular rep activities while keeping the user experience stupid simple on the front-end for field teams.

For example, check out this sample voice note from one of our tire sales reps using Voze:

“Hey I just met with John Thompson, looks like we’ll do another 48 grand this month. We could do an extra 10 grand if we get those X750s in stock. I need to follow up with him next Tuesday at 10am. His wife’s birthday is on the 17th and ask about his kid’s soccer game.”

In seconds, the rep captured critical context - order values, hot prospects, coaching prompts etc. - that typically vaporizes between sales calls.

Meanwhile Voze automatically:

✅Logged meeting notes
✅Added new orders of $48k + potential $10k
✅Scheduled exact follow up tasks for the rep
✅Extracted key customer birthday/context
✅Notified the manager to help unlock that additional revenue

“The manager can see it and say ‘Hey we just got those X750s in stock, so call him back and close the deal.’”

By simplifying note taking for field teams while surfacing a 360-degree view of rep interactions and trends for managers, Voze bridges insight gaps across organizations. Increased visibility drives better coaching, strategic support, and customer experiences.

Which ultimately fuels bigger sales, less friction and more commission checks to go around. Now that’s value worth capturing for reps and managers alike.

Voze eliminates the lm/FU headache by making sales note capture easy, valuable and revenue-driving for the entire sales cycle.


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