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Sales Reps: How To Make An Extra $4,000 This Year (Make This One Simple Change)

Let’s do some math that’s going to result in a $4,000 annual raise for you as a sales rep. Maybe you’re producing a million per year, and that nets out to be $1,000 a day. That means you’re producing about $165 per sales call, if you’re making 6 calls a day.

So you do the math.


What if by implementing just one tool– one single best practice– you could make one more sales call a day? And that one additional call turned into an extra $165. That would add $4,000 in extra commission for you over the course of a year, if you’re getting about 10% commission on gross sales.

How do you add one more sales call each day?

You need to be more productive, and more proactive. What if you could eliminate all of that extra admin work you’re currently doing? No more spreadsheets or typing notes into your CRM. What if you could do it all on the fly throughout the day. Could you free up another hour or two hours? Could you fit one more sales call in, or maybe two? What impact would that have on your gross sales?

We’ve already established that you’re about $165 per sales call. If you pick up one more sales call that turns into $4,000 a year commission for you. That is a happy sales rep.

So as a sales rep, there are things you do that make you money, and the things you do that cost you money.

As a founder of Telenotes, I used Telenotes while we were creating it! I was in industrial sales, and I sold to contractors. I found myself doing time wasting activities. I found myself delivering products when we could have had the delivery driver do it instead. I found myself doing customer support items that really brought little value to me or the company. In the end, I was able to look at my activity, and I brought on one, sometimes two more sales calls a day. As a result, my sales increased.

I went from about $300,000 a year in gross sales to over $900,000 the year that I implemented Telenotes with my company, As a sales rep, all we have is our time. So making the most efficient use of our time while in the field is going to have the greatest impact

Want to make an extra $4,000, $8,000 or $16,000 a year? Maximize what you do each and every day.

Maximize your time in the field by capturing that information as it’s happening, competitive info, contact information, pricing information, capture it, be reminded of it, set follow ups and be reminded of it. And again, I’m not talking about a whole lot of data. This is not a sit down and type this into your CRM or, or fill out some really cool Excel spreadsheet. None of that has to happen.

No one wants to go back to their house and do a bunch of data entry into a CRM that really does nothing to bring the sales rep value, or at the end of the week when you’re trying to remember things that you did a week ago.

So my advice – use Voze to capture the information while it's still fresh in your mind. And while you can, take action on it, get that information to people within your organization that can help you close more deals.

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