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Tired Of Those Passive Aggressive "lm/FU" Notes?

It's almost a running joke with some sales folks.

Boss is asking if I updated the CRM at the end of the day.

Yes, I've got all my notes (in my Franklin Dayplanner).

So I climb into my truck, and crack open my laptop before I head home.

Pull up the customer I called on first.


actually, scratch that...


Sales Meme

Many leaders struggle from limited field visibility that impacts sales strategy and performance. Without insight into rep activities and customer conversations, coaching suffers and execution remains unclear.

Voze solves this by acting as a personal assistant focused entirely on field workflows. Reps capture detailed interactions in seconds. Notes sync seamlessly to provide management real-time visibility. Strategy improves through data-driven understanding of what works.

Balancing sales goals, constant travel, workplace tension - the life of a field rep is demanding. Finding time for administrative tasks like note taking can be near impossible.

Yet most tools meant to help come in the form of complex “platforms” overloaded with irrelevant features. Adoption suffers, leaving managers without critical data from the field.

But what if you focused on the rep first? Made note taking simple and rewarding, not another mandate? Welcome to Voze - the interactive sales platform reps love that also informs managers and fuels growth.

Tired of passive aggressive lmFU notes

Our mobile app meets reps in their natural workflow. With Voze, reps use their smartphone to quickly voice critical details during customer visits, like:

  • Meeting goals and outcomes
  • Required next steps
  • Customer challenges
  • Product feedback
  • Partner performance
  • Pricing reactions
  • Competition intel
  • Market trends
  • Cross-department leads

No long forms or manuals needed - just speak as if telling a colleague what happened. Voze then transcribes these comprehensive notes, extracting tasks and sharing key insights with managers daily.

The result? Complete visibility that benefits the entire business. Managers adjust strategy based on real customer trends. Service teams deliver informed support. No more passive aggressive "lm/FU" notes from your reps - Voze unlocks field knowledge.

Just ask our farm equipment customer that doubled revenue in 5 years despite turnover. Their manager leveraged Voze to flawlessly execute a late rep's reminder and land a huge forgotten opportunity - 11 months after the initial meeting.

The real cost of inaction

Poor communication comes at an immense cost - a recent study from Grammarly estimates up to $12,506 lost per employee annually.

Poor Communication Lack of Info

For a 50 person company, ineffective communication can equal over $625k yearly. At 500 employees, that grows to $6.25M annually. And organizations with 10,000 people could be losing up to $125M per year.

In a study with The Harris Poll, leaders said teams lose 7.47 hours weekly because of poor communication. That's nearly an entire workday gone to inefficiencies.

Breakdowns are estimated to cost companies $50k or more in lost business annually. All together, the US loses $1.2 trillion from poor workplace communication.

96% of leaders polled say communication is essential to hitting targets this year. But without improvements, 75% admit too much time resolving miscommunications.

The impacts are widespread - lost productivity, damaged morale, lack of growth. 20% have even lost business and deals from poor communication.

There are also costs to employee satisfaction and retention. With The Great Resignation ongoing, communication issues drive more workplace stress.

Thankfully, Voze easily solves that "lm/FU" problem with a simple, engaging and even fun way for reps to collect what they learned from a buyer in less than a minute. Because reps are encouraged to give more detailed notes, managers get all the right insights they need to improve their strategy, better coach reps, and win more deals.

Most sales software today is clunky and actually adds to the divide between sales reps and managers.

Our mission at Voze is to help align reps and management, as well as others in the organization.

That's why we call Voze an "interactive sales platform".

We aren't just helping reps engage with technology to help them be more organized and professional, but we're ultimately helping coworkers engage better with each other.

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