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What Makes A Great Sales Note?

As a sales leader, ever feel in the dark relying on minimal disjointed field updates that hinder coaching, forecasting and performance? Those headaches may soon disappear.

What makes a great sales note

Introducing Voze – your data highway generating actionable visibility from your sales reps in the field. Think rich details on meetings, accounts, products and competitive developments flowing freely without cumbersome manual tracking. Suddenly you have the intelligence and control needed to drive strategy, team refinement and bottom line results.

Voze makes it effortless for sales reps to capture quick insightful notes – no time intensive admin or hand holding required. But these are not just any updates. High impact call notes illuminate underlying trends, opportunities hiding in plain sight, and necessary adjustments like:

  • Customer Traction By Product Line
  • Inventory Shortcomings Stalling Deals
  • Early Warning Signs on Competitive Threats
  • Predictive Signals in Relationship Building

These observations fuel smarter decisions. Creating cross-departmental awareness saves time chasing missing links that erode sales velocity.

Here are some of the valuable insights that reps will capture thanks to Voze:

Meeting goal
Goal based on what was discussed previously, and where we are at now

Meeting outcome
Was the goal of the meeting accomplished, accomplished in a different way, or not accomplished and where to go from here

Next steps
Follow-up actions

Customer info
Customer’s (or prospect’s) business strategies or goals and challenges, and their strengths and weaknesses

How the value of our product is being received by the customer/prospect
Where there could be additional products or changes to existing products to meet customer’s needs

How products are performing based on certain partners (e.g. manufacturers, dealers, retailers, etc.), or feedback provided by partners

How our pricing is being received by the customer/prospect

Won reasons
Why we won the deal

Lost reasons
Why we lost the deal

Competition information
Their products, pricing, strengths, weaknesses

Industry information
Market intelligence on general prices, inventory situations, supply chain challenges, buyer challenges and success, industry innovation, certain industry segments gaining traction or losing traction, etc.

Cross-department information
Sales leads
Information for other departments on customers, pricing, products, inventory, etc.

Prospect source
How we found the prospect

Align around a clear picture of performance gaps, coaching needs, pipeline health metrics and market movements. Voze brings fragmented puzzle pieces into a singular illuminating intelligence flow so managers lead confidently. Over 80 words captured in under a minute keep focus on selling as usual while catapulting forecast reliability and win rates.

Still scrambling in the dark? It’s time to shed some light!

Want to learn more about how Voze can help you get timely, detailed and valuable notes from your reps in the field? Click here to book a demo.


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